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A little bit about me

Pic above is from Outfest circa 2002?

And here’s a little history, in case you are curious. 

I gained an interest in drawing in High School, about 9th grade. I spent as much time as I could in the art room and my teachers were always very cool and supportive and gave me a lot of creative freedom. When I graduated from High School I thought for sure I was headed for ART SCHOOL, which I was, and I did end up going to AN art school, Kutztown University. Sadly, I was intimidated by the portfolio requirements to get accepted into the Communication Design program SO I scrapped that idea and ended up with a degree in Video Production. Still, all through college I continued to paint and draw. After college I worked at QVC in West Chester, PA and found my industry niche as a Set Dresser for the live show. But still, I continued to paint and draw. I started to show my paintings at festivals and in galleries around the city. I got into screen printing t-shirts by hand and selling them at festivals (I still have all the screens!). I was gaining a presence in the Philly Art scene which built up my confidence. Then, I went back to school and took all the basic art classes with the idea that I would go on to get a Masters in Fine Art. My path took a turn though and I ended up working at a Trade Show Design Firm where I started to focus on my career as a Project Manager. I stopped drawing & painting for almost a decade. I bought a house w/ my partner, we got 2 dogs, I had a baby, my partner and I split up, I left my job, I STARTED DRAWING AGAIN, we sold the house, I got a new job, I met someone, we got married, we bought a house, we sold the house and then we bought yet another house annnnnnnd that was a lot, wow. I started drawing again in July of 2016, it was exactly what I had needed to slow myself down. It helped me stay grounded. I started my website: and slowly started to gain an audience and sell my work again. It’s been an amazing couple of years and I feel like I finally found my groove. Right now I love drawing maps and lyrics. My goals are to illustrate beer labels and posters for the Avett Brothers (or John Prine) and of course to never stop drawing again...

Thanks for reading!